Natural Soap
An innnovative line of handmade soaps using the energy from nature. For face and body.  
100% Natural ingredients
Malawi is extremely rich in plant species with amazing healing properties. All soaps are made of the most valuable natural ingredients sourced locally. 
Our producers use beautiful Baobab Oil for its deep moisturizing action, the delicate Moringa oil for its anti wrinkle properties and the nutty-scented Macadamia oil to treat very dry skin.
100 % Pure essential oils
All soaps are scented with essential oils distilled in Malawi.The highest concentration of the essential oils are used in the formulas to enhance their therapeutic action on body and mind. 
Lemongrass oil is a great skin toner, Rose geranium is helpful for relieving depression, nervousness and fear; Tea tree oil has anti-bacterial action;
Eucalyptus citriodora has energizing properties and it is a powerful mosquito-repellant.
Environmentally- friendly packaging and support to Dzaleka Refugee Camp
Every soap is hand-packed and hand-decorated by Umoja Group at the Refugee Camp in Dzaleka.

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